New York

A week in New York City, the USA's most populous metropolis. Famed for its impressive skyline and yellow taxis, the Big Apple is home to many remarkable landmarks and attractions.

The classic NYC cab
I love the juxtaposition of the architecture in New York
The Statue of LIberty, Long Exposure
The Symmetry of Brooklyn Bridge
Grand Central Terminal
The Financial District, Long Exposure
NBC Studios, 30 Rock
The Empire State Building from atop the Rockerfeller Centre
New York City, New York
A NYC cop car
New York City, New York
The classic NYC cab
A street vendor and some of his flappy regulars
New York City, New York
Coney Island, New York
Lower Manhattan, New York
The Naked Cowboy shooting a Charmin commercial

Charmin Commercial

There are a lot of Naked Cowboy impostors in NYC but on my last day I spotted the original Naked Cowboy shooting a Charmin commercial on the side of the street.

This is the commercial they were shooting that afternoon.

POV Times Square Tour

I found Times Square to be an absolutely fascinating place. At its peak, it's such a completely immersive (and sometimes dark) experience.

This video is simply an uncut point of view tour of the main part of Times Square.

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